Viral method to repair Outlook PST/OST files

The uniqueness of MS Outlook is not hidden from anyone. I will share a method which will help you to repair Outlook PST/OST files in this article. The Microsoft Outlook is a package that can run multiple email accounts from the application.

We all know that Outlook is used to save the total data in the form of PST OST Files in our computer. But occasionally these PST, OST files didn’t open, this take-place mostly due to corruption in PST OST files or assuming that if it got lost.

Have you ever imagine what will you do if your Outlook crashed instantly and corrupted your PST OST files and have no idea on that!.

Then don’t worry, as I will discuss some methods that will help you to repair Outlook PST files in this article.

Scanpst repairing
Scanpst repairing

What are the possible reasons for the Outlook PST OST File to get Corrupt

There are several causes that lead to the Outlook PST/OST File Corruption. When it got corrupted then your data will be difficult to access and as a result you cannot view the emails. The reasons behind the Outlook file are:


In some old versions of Outlook, It has set limit to store up to 5 GB of data. That was rigid when the file size limit to grow beyond the limit that will lead to the crash of the PST OST files and lead to suspend the application to run.

If the size of PST/OST files exceeds the limit then it will get corrupt. In this case data can be divided, by split up the size of PST/OST files gets reduced and they become less inclined to corruption.

In other case, you can open the email attachments from the Outlook interface that may contains a malware and thus result in corrupting the data PST OST file.

If you are trying to close your Outlook, suddenly it may create a trouble in PST/OST files while saving your data accurately. This will result in creating issues in future while opening it and will generate the error.

To move from the earliest version of Outlook to recent verision Outlook 2016, then a new PST/OST file will be created and results in getting the older PST OST file corrupted.

There will be hardware issue that comprises the PST/OST file. Then it can be the reason for the Outlook PST/OST file corruption.

Scanpst tool:

The Manual steps to fix Corrupt PST/OST files

By usung this method you can repair Outlook PST OST file and fix the corruption. All you just have to follow these instructions below.

Use the Scanpst.exe Repair Tool

If you are facing an issue in Outlook while opening your email items from the inbox. You can use this method in removing these issues with the data files.

Scanpst.exe is the integrate tool that is provided by Microsoft, it will help you in repairing the minor corruptions of the PST OSTfiles.

You can browse to one of the following file locations as per your versions installed:

Outlook 2016: C:program files (x86)Microsoft officerootoffice16
Outlook 2013: C:program files (x86)Microsoft officerootoffice15
Outlook 2010: C:program files (x86)Microsoft officerootoffice14
Outlook 2007: C:program files (x86)Microsoft officerootoffice12
You can open the Scanpst.exe

Open Scanpst
Open Scanpst

Choose the Browse to pick the Outlook data files that you want to scan. If you can use the locating the Outlook data files which will help in detecting your Outlook data file.

Scanpst.exe tool
Scanpst.exe tool

Then, tap on the Start to initiate the scanning process.
The scan locates an error, then you can select the Repair to start the process to repair PST OST files.

PST Repair done
PST Repair done

Once repair is completed. You can start the Outlook with the profile linked with the Outlook data file you have repaired.