How to Open MIME attachments

Opening a MIME file is a tiresome job to many of us. There are many restrictions in accessing a MIME type file. If you are wondering how to open / crack a MIME file attachments, this article suggests you different methods to achieve that.

What is a MIME attachment?

MIME is a media type otherwise known as multipurpose Internet Mail Extension. It distinguishes the internet files depending on their properties . It can also be used for web-pages.

There are 2 categories in a MIME type:

  1. TYPE

Instead of 7 bit encoding a MIME file consists of 8 bit data and the characters are richer than ASCII. So, without appropriate software you cannot open  MIME file.You can decompress a MIME file using following methods:

Methods on how to open mime attachments clearly mentioned below:



Whenever you receive a MIME attachment and you don’t know how to open it, it will be really irritating. But, with a proper software or method you can overcome this problem.

The first and the most common method is using  winzip. Since winzip supports all kinds of files with extensions like RAR,ISO, TGZ, TAZ,etc.,it would be really helpful to open a MIME file without any barriers. Also, if there is some error in a file Winzip can debug the error on its own. It also protects your device from unsecure files. Because of its simplified process, anyone can extract a MIME file using winzip. Just double click on the file you need to extract.

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  1. First, download and save the MIME file in your PC.
  2. Launch Winzip using start menu.
  3. Click open from the File menu.
  4. Now, choose the MIME file to extracted.
  5. Select Unzip and save it in your preferred device.


There are plenty of apps and tools are available online that helps us to open MIME attachments. These are available in websites that runs as a browser. With this you can complete the whole process easily.

But before trying this method, take the following things into consideration

  1. Select an online tool based on the size of your MIME attachment. Sometimes there are some limitations with the size of the file needed to be open. Check out whether the tool you have selected works with the size of the file to be cracked.
  2. Secondly, always be aware that you are uploading your data to an online tool. So, it is important to check the security features of the tool you are going to proceed with.
  3. Finally, get yourself updated with your anti-virus software. This step is most important because, since you are going to download the processed file from online there are some possibilities that you might be attacked by virus/malware. In order to maintain privacy of your data, update your anti-virus to the latest version then move on with the online tool.


In this method, we suggest you to simply change the file association. Whenever, we open a MIME file you can see a dialog box with a message that will be displayed as shown below:

“How do you want to open this file?”

Also, you can see variety of options that lets you choose to complete the process. From the below available options, select “WinZip” which will make the process pretty easy.

In case, if you don’t find any of the option then proceed with the following method:

  1. Open Control Panel-> select the corresponding MIME file and then change the file association.
  2. Now click open the attachment and you will be able to access your MIME file now.

This method is most welcomed by many as it is simple and quick.

All the above methods suggested in this page helps you to Open or Extract a MIME file in Windows 10 without any hassle. You can follow any of these procedures mentioned above and it will be really helpful for you!

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