Windows 10 DNS keep changing to old DNS entries

Is your Windows 10 DNS setting keep changing to your old DNS. So this is the right post you have arrived.

The only solution you have to do is Network Reset

How you can reset your network settings and adopters on Windows 10. So if you are facing any problems with internet on your Windows 10 operating system, and you have tried every type of troubleshooting and still your problem has not been fixed.

It’s the right time to reset your adopters. So it’s important to note that to setting your network adapters means that their configuration goes back to the default configurations.

So you can reset your network settings after you done with the network reset.

let’s get start with resetting all Network adopters in Windows 10.

Network Reset
Network Reset

So what you need to?

  • click on Windows start button
  • Go to settings
  • And network and internet.
  • Under status you will find when you scroll down here.
  • The last option is network reset option.
  • So just click on this network reset option.
  • Straightaway on this network window you will see reset now and it’s important to read this message.

This will remove and install all Network adopters and set other networking component back to their original setting

You might need to Install other networking software afterwards such as VPN client and software for virtual switches. So if you don’t have VPN, then you don’t need to worry about the VPN and if you don’t have the virtual switches then also you don’t need to worry.

  • Just click on reset now and then click on yes,
  • It is going to reset your network and now You can see this message.

windows will shut down in few minutes need to wait for some time for this to happen and you will wait for some time until windows will be signed out automatically.

At this point you can close this window. Also, you can reboot your Windows operating system manually, if you don’t want to wait for few minutes, which is set by this window.

You have to logged into Windows operating system, your network adapters will be reset.

So this is how you can reset your network adapters on your Windows 10 operating system.