How to resolve Disk space full issue in Windows 10

How to fix the disk full issue by removing all type of cache & unnecessary files on windows.

This will clear Temp files, Disk cleanup, windows.old, explorer & browser cache, software distribution download and more.

Method 1: Clear the Download folder from Software distribution:

Open the Explorer and Click C: drive

Open Windows directory

Scroll down to Software distribution Folder

software distribution
software distribution

Go to Download directory

Here you can find windows update files which has installed already and doesn’t need any more

You can delete all the stuffs from this Download directory

Check more here for Troubleshoot options

Method 2: To clear Temp directory

To do this, you can press window + R to open Run console Or Righ click Start button and Open Run

Now type %temp% and press enter

This will take you to Temp directory

You can delete all the content inside this directory

Next, come again to Run console

Type temp and press enter

Now delete all the contents inside the directory

Method 3: Clear Prefetch directory

Follow the Method 2 to open Run console

Prefetch Cache
Prefetch Cache

Open the PREFETCH folder then clear all the stuffs as shown in above image

Method 4: Windows Store reset

Follow the above method to open Run console

Type wsreset and proceed to execute cache from windows store

wsreset cache
wsreset cache

Method 5: Clear Location history

Location Cache
Location Cache

Press Start button and click Settings icon

Select Privacy to open

Choose Location under Privacy Option

Click on CLEAR option to clear all the location cache stored on your Computer

Method 6: Disk Clean up

Disk Cleanup
Disk Cleanup

Goto Start and search for Disk Cleanup

Open Disk Cleanup and choose the disk you would like to clean

In this Cleanup window, you can choose Temporary files, Recycle bin, windows update cleanup and some more cache to clear

Disk Cleanup 1
Disk Cleanup 1