Task Manager features and tricks for Windows 10

Follow any below Steps to Open Task Manager (Updated 2020):

Step 1: Right Click the Taskbar, and then select Task Manager

Step 2: Right Click the Start Button, and then select Task Manager

Step 3: Press the shortcut Window + X then select Task Manager

Step 4: Press Ctrl + Alt + Del keys, Then select Task Manager

Step 5: Press Ctrl + Shift + Esc, which displays immediately on your screen

Open Task Manager
Open Task Manager from Taskbar


Open Task Manager

Select the Program and Click End Task

Note: If the Program is associate with other process, Please ensure to check Analyze wait chain for the selected Process and then End the Process

End Task
Program End Task


Open Task Manager,

And then choose Process Tab

Right Click Windows Explorer and Choose Restore


Open Task Manager

Switch to Performance Tab

Here you can find utilization of each cores,

And there is option to copy the Process data, then you can Paste in wherever you need to view details.

Process Core Utilization
Cores Utilization

Resource Monitor:

Open Task Manager

Under Performance Tab, Select Open Resource Monitor

This shows you the Real time Data processing on CPU, MEMORY, DISKS and NETWORKS

Resource Monitor
Resource Monitor


Follow the above steps to open Task Manager

Switch to Process Tab

You can easily get to know about the Process and its functions,

Simply Right click the Process and Select Search Online,

Adding Columns Task Manager
Add Columns to Task Manager


Open Task Manager

Select Process Tab to view the all the running apps and Background Processes

For Example, as shown below you can add more columns for the Process like PID(Process ID),  Process Name and etc.,

Adding Columns Task Manager
Add Columns to Task Manager

Program File Location:

Open Task Manager

Switch to Processes Tab/Users Tab

And select the Program you would like to open the Location which is installed

Easily Navigate to installed location of each program,

Right click the program and Open File Location

Open File Location
Open File Location in Task Manager


If Your computer is Booting up Slowly, Then here is the option to select Start-up,

Open Task Manager

Switch to Start-up Tab and Select the apps you want to Disable (unwanted apps)

Disable Start up items
Disable Start up items